Sunday, 25 June 2017

Vulcan B.2 XM612

Day 8:
Vulcan XM612 - City of Norwich Aviation Museum, Norfolk
There is a wealth of information on this famous aircraft. This one participated in the Falkland’s campaign but did not fly a full mission. Details can be found here & here City of Norwich Aviation Museum can be found here. This museum is one of the best and most reasonable I have ever visited, I can highly recommend a visit if you have an interest in aviation.

These few photos were taken at the museum's outdoor parking area, so not a lot of room between exhibits. This aircraft is a very important part of the RAF story and served Britain through the cold war years. I have put in as many images as I can.  

A trip to the cockpit via the two story ladder. Crews had to climb aboard and take off in three minutes, it took me all of that just to get into the pilot’s seat.

The flight deck, captain or P1 seat on the left, first officer or P2 seat on the right. Both fitted with ejection seats.

The electronic warfare deck with three crew seats without any ejection facilities. These crew members were unlikely to survive if things required leaving the aircraft in flight.

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