Monday, 26 June 2017

Nimrod MR.2 XV255

Day8: Part 2 
The City of Norwich Aviation Museum’s Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR.2 Serial XV255

This is the museum's other large exhibit, see Part 1 the Vulcan. We have all seen these aircraft at various times on the news in their search and rescue role but less well known is their role as a fighting machine. Their primary job is listening and watching for submarines entering the Atlantic, this is achieved electronically. They were equipped with missiles for their own defence but here is the big thing I did not realise they also carried a small nuclear weapon to be able to attack a submarine if required. Full details can be seen here & here.

If you visit this museum then for a very reasonable extra charge of £2 you can take a guided tour. I was fortunate I had the guide to myself & it was very interesting.  

The flight deck: First pilot, P1 on the left, he or she is in charge if the aircraft, The second pilot, P2 is on the right. The first pilot is not the captain, the captain is in charge of the operation and is in the rear of the aircraft. 

The flight engineer's panel at the rear of the two pilots on the flight deck

This is the communications desk, the typewriter is a scrambler that sends and receives messages in very short mini-bursts.

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