Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Norfolk Broads

A have just returned from a two week holiday on the Norfolk Broads here are a few shots from the holiday.

Day1 Pick up our boat, the Moon Adventure from the Richardson's boatyard at Acle Norfolk. After a brief explanation of the controls and a short run up the river to make sure we knew the rules of the river and how to moor the craft we set off. 

Moon Adventure
The Broads have loads of windmills along the river, most of them were used as wind pumps.

There are loads of sailing boats on the river, some are holiday makers in rented craft but there are a number of privately owned and club boats. I am always surprised how skilled these various yachts are handled in what is a very confined space even though a lot of these craft do not have an auxiliary engine.

This craft is operated to give visitors a run up the river, although it looks like a paddle steamer it is not, the paddle free wheels and does not contribute to the propulsion of the boat.

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