Thursday, 21 May 2015


Having worked our way up the River Ant crossing the Barton Broad we arrived at Stalham and decided to overnight in Richardson’s boat yard. The weather for the next two days was very poor with very high winds in excess of 50 to 60 mph so we were advised to stay in the shelter of the marina. These holiday boats are very easy to handle but in this kind of wind strength they can become difficult to manoeuvre when mooring up.  

This unusual contraption is used to take the boats in and out of the water.

Taken early evening as the wind was subsiding a little. You can see by the trees and the water in this sheltered harbour that the conditions were very breezy.

The next day we visited The Museum of the Broads. They have a small steam boat called Falcon now I was very surprised to see them take a party out for a short trip on the river towards Barton Broad. I understand that the conditions extended the journey time by a fair amount. They were scheduled to go out again but it was decided to suspend any further journeys until the next day.


© Lionel Callow 2015