Thursday, 21 May 2015

Potter Heigham

The next part of my journey was to Potter Heigham passing the two wind mills located at Thurne  Mouth.

On the way to Potter Heigham I found these two guys engaged in reed cutting.

There are loads of Herons at the side of the river they take no notice of the traffic going back and forth you can get very close to them without scarring them away. Now I am no wildlife photographer but I could not resist taking a few shots of them as I passed by. 

I once attended a lecture given by a Cambridge University wildlife photographer. He was taking pictures of wild lions from an open top Land Rover, he was very close to the animals & fully exposed to them. He maintained that as long as he did not move suddenly the lions only see the vehicle not the humans in it. I wonder if this applies to these Herons, they seemed not to be aware of me in the boat. I was truly surprised how close to them I could get without obviously disturbing them.   

Potter Heigham

Potter Heigham has a very good fish and chip shop and these two guys have obviously discovered it.

Another piece of strange animal behaviour I encountered was with this swan. It seems to have found a way of summoning the occupants of the holiday boats and getting food. It pecks very loudly at the rubber fenders built into the boat, stopping only when it had been given some bird food. This of course meant that the bird started the process all over again once you stopped feeding it or it would move on to the next boat.

© Lionel Callow 2015