Monday, 3 July 2017

RAF BBMF Lancaster

I dropped into Duxford this afternoon and discovered that the RAF were preparing the Lancaster for it's first test flight after a complete rebuild, it has been at Duxford all winter having a major overhaul. Along with a collection of other aviation enthusiasts I spent the whole afternoon waiting for the first flight. The number three engine was giving them some trouble. Having fixed the problem, the first flight was rescheduled for 18:30, Duxford shuts at 18:00 & it looked like we would have to leave but in the end the management took pity on us and let us wait. It was well worth the time.
BBMF Lancaster prepareing for test flight

BBMF Lancaster problem with number three engine.

BBMF lancaster at Duxford

BBMF Lancaster Duxford

BBMF Lancaster testing the engines

BBMF Lancaster tail

BBMF Lancaster testing all the engines

BBMF Lancaster Taxi for take off

BBMF Lancaster pre flight checks

BBMF Lancaster taking off Duxford

BBMF Lancaster departing Duxford test flight

BBMF Lancaster take off test flight

Taking off and clear of the ground

I messed this shot up I had started to put my camera away and had reset my speed far too high so I ended up with frozen props.
BBMF Lancaster flying by the moon

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