Sunday, 21 May 2017

Hylands Park Chelmsford

Today was one of those days that just did not go to plan. The weather forecast was good so I decided to go to the kite fest that was taking place at Hylands Park – Chelmsford. Having been to several kite festivals I was expecting a colourful event, it should be a great display. First problem came when I encountered a cycle road race, every competitor was busy being Bradley Wiggins riding in a long line causing a traffic delay. Having got past the peloton a mile or so further on the young farmers were having their big weekend, so another traffic jam had to be encountered. I arrived at the park to find a flower show was in full bloom causing yet another traffic queue with a long delay getting to my parking spot, which was miles away from the kite fest. Finally, I walked about a mile or so across the park to the kite area only to find just two kites being flown and as it was now the middle of the day there was not a lot of prospect that anyone else was going to turn up. So, I took a couple of shots and had a bite to eat and moved on.

Hylands House

Kite number 1

Kite number 2

The park is one of the most beautiful parks in this part of the world, run by the Chelmsford Council. 

We decided to move on and get away from the traffic so we left Chelmsford.  

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