Friday, 21 October 2016

Duxford Spitfires

I spent the day at Duxford yesterday, I wanted to shoot some of the artwork on the aircraft but more of that in my next post.

As I was walking between hangers I was fortunate to be passing as they were moving two of the flying condition Supermarine Spitfire Mark1s. Both are in full flying condition and have recently been restored. In truth restored means that the original aircraft have been found maybe from a dig, the registration details have been salvaged and then along with maybe a few components a rebirth of what is almost a new aircraft takes place.

This first aircraft QV N3200 is being laid-up for the winter and I believe it will be seen on the show circuit around the UK next summer. The full story can be found here

This second aircraft J P9374 has been sold to a museum in the US. I believe that unfortunately whilst it is in full flying condition it will not be used as a flying aircraft but will just be used as a static exhibit which for me is a great pity.  The full story can be found here & here  

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