Tuesday, 9 August 2016


I visited Finchcocks Musical Museum in August 2015 and I have just heard that the museum has closed down early this year (2016). I was kindly given permission to take my tripod in and take photos of their collection, unfortunately I was not happy with the results so I did not post any photos of this visit. I had intended to pay another visit this year and do a better job. In view of the fact that the collection has been sold and therefore I guess it is unlikely to be seen as a collection again so I am putting up my images in this post, warts and all. I am sorry but I have not collected the names of each instrument.

When I visited there was a recital in progress so I had to be very quiet and as this is a very old building with a very large collection I found this very difficult to do.  

A Google search for “ Finchcocks” will give you the full story.

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