Friday, 18 March 2016


This week I was continuing with my winter coastal photography. I picked another very bright day with strong sunshine so once again I was shooting into the light. I arrived at the coast at low tide so as to try and get a different prospective I donned my Wellington boots and ventured out with care onto the mud looking for different views. This is definitely something I will be exploring further in the future. I love these almost empty beaches the winter brings with wide open spaces & minimal clutter. My first location is at the mouth of the Thames estuary on the Essex side, Shoebury East Beach. 

I found this 12 volt car / boat battery in the mud just 100 yards off the shore. I find it very annoying that we humans just use our outdoor spaces as a rubbish tip. This battery is full of toxic lead and will do damage to wildlife, now it is possible that it just fell over the side when the tide was up but I doubt it.

© Lionel Callow 2016