Saturday, 12 September 2015

Shoeburyness East Beach

A few shots of the kite-surfing taken on Friday 11th September.

These shots were taken with my Fuji X-T1 using the 50-140mm lens. I love my Fuji camera but I have discovered that it has some limitations when it is used for action photography. Whilst the quality of the results from the Fuji are first class I found that there is a memory speed issues when using high speed continuous shooting.  The buffering denies the use of the viewfinder or the rear screen until it has written all the images to the card. Now I have recently up rated my firmware to VER. 4 so I must do some reading in case I have missed a work round to overcome this problem.  I also need to purchase the latest high speed card recently new to the market since I purchased the camera. However I am not happy to lose a second of contact with the subject when I am shooting sport or action whilst the memory catches up. In future my Canon 5D mark 3 would be the camera of choice for action photography even though it has a somewhat slower continuous shooting speed.

OK I have solved this problem by turning the image viewing screen off. I will also buy a faster card to gain extra write speed.

My second comment is that in strong sunlight the EVF can struggle to resolve a clear image, even with the screen & viewfinder fully adjusted. It’s not impossible to use but it does detract from the ease of use, particularly when shooting action photography. 

© Lionel Callow 2015