Monday, 29 September 2014

Coalhouse Fort Project

Coalhouse Fort is located a mile or so from the old Bata town near Tilbury Essex, famous for their shoes in the post war years. A military fortification was first built on this site in 1402, the present day structure was built around 1860. It was in use throughout both WW1 & WW2, it has a strategic position looking over the Thames, a sister fort is located on the opposite side of the river in Kent which is now completely overgrown and falling down. Coalhouse Fort is now partially derelict it is suffering from some considerable amount of decay and dilapidation. The present day volunteers have been running the place since 1983 they are doing a great job but it is obvious that a lot of money is required to renovate the structure, in my opinion this project is so big it needs the National Trust or Heritage to take it on. All that said it is well worth a visit & the volunteers will give you a good time telling you about the ghosts that haunt the tunnels under the fort & what it was like to serve there a solider.

I have finished all of my shots in black & white, it’s that sort of place. 

One of the big guns overlooking the Thames.

A search light from WW2

A gun from WW1 or WW2 

Today’s more effective way of keeping our borders secure.

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